Corners of London
Wallpaper, Stickers, Posters, Spray Pain, Acrylic Markers, 
Tape, Nos Canisters & Barbed Wire 

May 2024
Sounds From a Borough
Headphones, Launchcontrol, Field Recordings & Ableton

April 2024
Cassette Player, Vinyl Player & an Empty Cassette
Empty Walls II
CCTV Camera, Monitor, and Electrical Tape 

April 2024
A Week on The Streets
Dirt from the Underground, Roads & Pathways, 
& Cigarette Ashes

March 2024
Stage Lights, Contact Microphone, Ableton & Touch Designer

Febraury 2024  

Empty Walls
CCTV Camera, Monitor & Electrical Tape

November 2023
Safety Tape, Concrete & Mud

Part of Group Exhbition ‘One’
November 2023

Catch !
Barbed Wire

October 2023